After re-reading the git documentation and with Andrew's input I have
changed my thinking on how to set  this up and want a central
repository. If I understand correctly, I am doing builds while I am
developing new code so I need to clone my repository for Eclipse (I'm
assuming the git plugin supports all this). Before I go to the trouble
of setting it up please correct where my thinking is flawed or where I
may run into gotchas.

1) Install git on Linux.
2) Copy existing Eclipse project to a new directory to become the
central repository.
3) git init in that new directory (I think I then do a git add and git
4) Modify build scripts to build from that directory (I am guessing I
need to git ignore the javac generated binary directory).
5) Install git plugin on Windows version of Eclipse. (Do I need git on
Windows or is the plugin sufficient?)
6) Configure plugin for remote git, if necessary?
7) Clone new repository for development and testing on Windows. (Do I
need the shared drive any more?)
8) When a new version is ready for release, push commit to remote
repository after which builds will use new code (I'm assuming the file
copies happen automagically).

Am I over simplifying things? I also think that this will open the door
for collaborators in the event I need them with no changes to the way I
work. I should note that builds are done on demand so is there a way to
detect when a push is occurring and have the build script wait for
completion and I suppose vise-versa? Thanks.

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