> 7) Clone new repository for development and testing on Windows. (Do I
> need the shared drive any more?)

Not necessarily, depending on how to connect your local repo to the
remote one (your central repo). I'd suggest using ssh protocol: in this
case your windows box will connect to the linux box via ssh and do all
operations via ssh - no network filesystem required.

> 8) When a new version is ready for release, push commit to remote
> repository after which builds will use new code (I'm assuming the
> file copies happen automagically).

Yes, see post-update hook (on the central repo side).
It is executed right after objects have been transfered and refs updated.
(IOW: when your changes made finally it into the cental repo).
Note that the 'git push' operation will wait until that hook is finished.
So, if the build takes a while, you most likely want to do it asychronously.
A nice way is letting the hook just add the new refs to some queue
(you can even use git refs for that) and have another process (in a loop
or via cron) polling for new queue entries and run the build.

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