Let me repeat what you said so I know how to improve the patch:
> Perhaps end each sentence with a full-stop?
I should end each sentence in the *log* message with "." (rather than
the translatable strings in the patch)

> Shouldn't this rather be like so instead?
> if test_i18ngrep ! "invalid gitfile format" .err
> These two ones want to be written
The standard negation form is:
   test_i18ngrep !
but I should leave the `!` in front of `test_i18ngrep` in this particular case

> we may want to avoid this anti-pattern
Current state of these tests is wrong and I should rework them.

Here is what I intend to do:
1. Fix the commit message
2. Check whether I can get the tests in t0002-gitfile.sh to the
standard `test_i18ngrep !` negative (i.e. without using `if`)
3. Post and ask for feedback again

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