On Mon, Feb 12, 2018 at 08:08:54AM +0000, Olga Telezhnaya wrote:

> Make valid_atom as a function parameter,
> there could be another variable further.
> Need that for further reusing of formatting logic in cat-file.c.
> We do not need to allow users to pass their own valid_atom variable in
> global functions like verify_ref_format() because in the end we want to
> have same set of valid atoms for all commands. But, as a first step
> of migrating, I create further another version of valid_atom
> for cat-file.

Hmm. So I see where you're going here, but I think in the end we'd want
to have a single valid_atom list again, and we wouldn't need this.

And indeed, it looks like this goes away in patch 17. Can we
reorganize/rebase the series so that we avoid dead-end directions like


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