On Mon, Feb 12, 2018 at 08:08:54AM +0000, Olga Telezhnaya wrote:

> Update the docs for cat-file command. Some new formatting atoms added
> because of reusing ref-filter code.
> We do not support cat-file atoms in general formatting logic
> (there is just the support for cat-file), that is why some of the atoms
> are still explained in cat-file docs.
> We need to move these explanations when atoms will be supported
> by other commands.

OK, so I've read through the whole series now. I still think it really
needs some squashing in the middle to turn into a more comprehensible

And I think by the end we need to address the atoms here that don't work
in ref-filter. We certainly want them to work in the long term, and the
fact that they don't is I think pointing to having the wrong
architecture here in the intermediate step. We should just have a single
set of placeholders, with no special "cat_file_data". If I understand
correctly, that's what's causing those atoms not to work in


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