Jeff King <> writes:

> This indentation is funny. But I suspect it is because your whole patch
> seems to have been whitespace-damaged (see the section on gmail in
> "git help git-format-patch").

I saw somewhere "Apple-Mail" and a phrase "repaste".  So perhaps
copy&paste on the client is involved in the whitespace damage (of
course the original could be broken, but I somehow doubt it).

>> The client may send Extra Parameters (see
>> Documentation/technical/pack-protocol.txt) as a colon-separated string
>> -in the Git-Protocol HTTP header.
>> +in the Git-Protocol HTTP header. Note as well that there is *no* newline
>> +after the `0000`.
> I guess I'm not opposed to calling that out, but this is normal for
> pktline (the flush packet has no data; in the other lines the newline is
> not a syntactic part of the pktline stream, but is actually data
> contained inside each of those pktlines).

For what it's worth, I am slightly negative on this addition.  It
makes it inconsistent if we only mention it about _this_ flush and
not any other flush.  It even gets in the way of learning the
protocol by new people reading it, by giving an impression that
somehow LF is outside and in between packet line.


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