I think we have a problem … or at least I had
and I’m not quite sure if this is „working as designed“
but I’m sure it „should not work as it did“.

Because? It pruned a lot of files and even the local repository.
by pull
by giving another repository URL instead of a known remote

While working in a subpath of my homedir
(that is a git repository itself, without any changes in worktree or index: 
https://bitbucket.org/childnode/marcel/ )
I wanted to clone another repository … but yeah … it’s late for me today and I 
in s.th. `git pull 

next … all committed files are zapped and the repository given has been checked 
out in my home directory 🤯👻

what? Shouldn’t this just fail? Why can I pass another remote to pull?

🙏 god any untracked / ignored files are still alive

a, yeh, I’m on a mac 
(for any git configuration … have a look in my repository 

the console out was:
-bash:$ git pull g...@private.gitlab.instance.example.com:aGroup/repository.git
Warning: Permanently added the ECDSA host key for IP address '' to the 
list of known hosts.
warning: no common commits
remote: Counting objects: 2301, done.
remote: Compressing objects: 100% (710/710), done.
remote: Total 2301 (delta 1040), reused 2239 (delta 1004)
Receiving objects: 100% (2301/2301), 405.41 KiB | 635.00 KiB/s, done.
Resolving deltas: 100% (1040/1040), done.
From private.gitlab.instance.example.com:aGroup/repository
 * branch            HEAD       -> FETCH_HEAD
Fetching submodule .shapps/willgit
Fetching submodule .vim
Fetching submodule .vim/autoload/pathogen
warning: redirecting to https://github.com/tpope/vim-pathogen.git/
Fetching submodule .vim/bundle/ack
warning: redirecting to https://github.com/mileszs/ack.vim.git/
Fetching submodule .vim/bundle/colors-solarized
warning: redirecting to https://github.com/altercation/vim-colors-solarized.git/
Fetching submodule .vim/bundle/flake8
Fetching submodule .vim/bundle/fugitive
warning: redirecting to https://github.com/tpope/vim-fugitive.git/
Fetching submodule .vim/bundle/kwbdi
warning: redirecting to https://github.com/vim-scripts/kwbdi.vim.git/
Fetching submodule .vim/bundle/markdown
warning: redirecting to https://github.com/tpope/vim-markdown.git/
Fetching submodule .vim/bundle/nerdtree
warning: redirecting to https://github.com/scrooloose/nerdtree.git/
Fetching submodule .vim/bundle/unimpaired
warning: redirecting to https://github.com/tpope/vim-unimpaired.git/
Fetching submodule 
Fetching submodule 
Fetching submodule gists/github/childnode/18de20f4448692257aa3e99c8319b70d
Fetching submodule gists/github/childnode/295dbd6e_hasSize.regex
Fetching submodule gists/github/childnode/4a0de936_gradle_buildSrc_dogfood
Fetching submodule gists/github/childnode/66d4b982_git.rebaseAllBranches
Fetching submodule 
Fetching submodule gists/github/childnode/81ae6468_build_jar_manifest.gradle
Fetching submodule gists/github/childnode/85958ff8_extendedHelp.gradle_secret
Fetching submodule 
Fetching submodule gists/github/childnode/8f100f90_dockerSaveAllImages.sh
Fetching submodule 
Fetching submodule gists/github/childnode/a175d954_ext.props.gradle_secret
Fetching submodule gists/github/childnode/d15cd5e9_atlassian-confluence-config
Fetching submodule gists/github/childnode/d35cf810dd28775ac5c0e491107215fd
Fetching submodule gists/github/childnode/da08e8a6f989ce0f94077ae1a6b1573b
Fetching submodule gists/github/childnode/e7ef876c_html2ical_secret
Fetching submodule gists/github/childnode/eb3199790f2f82785f62c3150f352ede
Successfully rebased and updated refs/heads/master.


trying to fix this up by doing another pull failed:
-bash:$ git remote -v
origin  g...@bitbucket.org:childnode/marcel.git (fetch)
origin  g...@bitbucket.org:childnode/marcel.git (push)

-bash:$ git pull
fatal: refusing to merge unrelated histories

-bash:$ git pull g...@bitbucket.org:childnode/marcel.git
From bitbucket.org:childnode/marcel
 * branch            HEAD       -> FETCH_HEAD
fatal: refusing to merge unrelated histories


these messages and the fact that it doesn’t work backward let me think I ran 
a collision? really?

revlog looks a bit strange too
04f3066 (HEAD -> master) HEAD@{0}: pull 
g...@private.gitlab.instance.example.com:aGroup/repository.git: checkout 
04f3066d03e09323c7341c472be4c45ea5e3a4ff: returning to refs/heads/master
04f3066 (HEAD -> master) HEAD@{1}: pull 
g...@private.gitlab.instance.example.com:aGroup/repository.git: checkout 
88ff8d0 (origin/master, origin/HEAD) HEAD@{2}: pull --rebase=preserve: checkout 
88ff8d0c28bb90dfde3aea9e6c39bb551bea8ca8: returning to refs/heads/master

where 88ff8d0 was the latest from marcel.git
and logs look like the pulled repository is like an orphan aside my original 


P.S: I reverted by `$ git reset 88ff8d0 && git checkout -- .`

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