Hi Marcel,

Marcel 'childNo͡.de' Trautwein" wrote:

> I think we have a problem … or at least I had
> and I’m not quite sure if this is „working as designed“
> but I’m sure it „should not work as it did“.
> I wanted to clone another repository … but yeah … it’s late for me today and 
> I put
> in s.th. `git pull 
> g...@private.gitlab.instance.example.com:aGroup/repository.git`
> next … all committed files are zapped and the repository given has
> been checked out in my home directory 🤯👻
> what? Shouldn’t this just fail? Why can I pass another remote to pull?

Sorry, this is not the most helpful reply but:

Can you describe a reproduction recipe so that I can experience the
same thing?

That is:

 1. steps to reproduce
 2. expected result
 3. actual result
 4. the difference and why it was unexpected

I suspect that this information is in your message, somewhere, but it
is (understandably) unfocussed and I am having trouble pulling it out.

> trying to fix this up by doing another pull failed:
> ```
> -bash:$ git remote -v
> origin        g...@bitbucket.org:childnode/marcel.git (fetch)
> origin        g...@bitbucket.org:childnode/marcel.git (push)
> -bash:$ git pull
> fatal: refusing to merge unrelated histories

Ok, this part is something I might be able to help shed some light on.

Searching for 'unrelated' in "git help pull" finds:

           By default, git merge command refuses to merge histories that do not
           share a common ancestor. This option can be used to override this
           safety when merging histories of two projects that started their
           lives independently. As that is a very rare occasion, no
           configuration variable to enable this by default exists and will not
           be added.

So that explains the "what" of that error message.

The "why" is a separate question.  Could you share output from

  git log --all --graph --decorate --oneline --simplify-by-decoration


  git status

to help us understand your current state?

Also, suggestions for improvements to the 'refusing to merge' message
would be very welcome.

Thanks and hope that helps,

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