Derrick Stolee <> writes:

> The (unlikely, but possible) race condition involves two processes (P1
> and P2):
> 1. P1 reads from graph-latest to see commit graph file F1.
> 2. P2 updates graph-latest to point to F2 and deletes F1.
> 3. P1 tries to read F1 and fails.
> I could explicitly mention this condition in the message, or we can
> just let P2 fail by deleting all files other than the one referenced
> by 'graph-latest'. Thoughts?

The established way we do this is not to have -latest pointer, I
would think, and instead, make -latest be the actual thing.  That is
how $GIT_DIR/index is updated, for example, by first writing into a
temporary file and then moving it to the final destination.  Is
there a reason why the same pattern cannot be used?

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