Heiko Voigt <hvo...@hvoigt.net>:
> Please share so we can have a look. BTW, where can I find your cvsps
> code?


Developments of the last 48 hours:

1. Andreas Schwab sent me a patch that uses commitids wherever the history
   has them - this makes all the time-skew problems go away.  I added code
   to warn if commitids aren't present, so users will get a clear indication
   of when time-skew problems might bite them versus when that is happily

2. I've scrapped a lot of obsolete code and options.  The repo head
   version uses what used to be called cvs-direct mode all the time
   now; it works, and the effect on performance is major.  This also
   means that cvsps doesn't need to use any local CVS commands or even
   have CVS installed where it runs.

> >From my past cvs conversion experiences my personal guess is that
> cvs2svn will win this competition.

That could be.  But right now cvsps has one significant advantage over
cvs2git (which parsecvs might share) - it's *blazingly* fast.  So fast
that I scrapped all the local-caching logic; there seems no point to it at
today's network speeds, and that's one less layer of complications to
go wrong.

I've removed a couple hundred lines of code and the program works
better and faster than it did before.  That's having a good day!
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