On Fri, Feb 23, 2018 at 04:19:54PM -0800, Brandon Williams wrote:

> > We always have the ability to extend the patterns accepted via a feature
> > (or capability) to ls-refs, so maybe the best thing to do now would only
> > support a few patterns with specific semantics.  Something like if you
> > say "master" only match against refs/heads/ and refs/tags/ and if you
> > want something else you would need to specify "refs/pull/master"?
> > 
> > That way we could only support globs at the end "master*" where * can
> > match anything (including slashes)
> After some in-office discussion it seems like the best thing to do for
> this (right now since if we change our mind we can just introduce a
> capability which extends the patterns supported) would be to left-anchor
> the ref-patterns and only allow for a single wildcard character '*'
> which matches zero or more characters (and doesn't care about slashes
> '/').  This wildcard character should only be supported at the end of
> the ref pattern.  This means that if a client wants 'master' then they
> would need to specify 'refs/heads/master' (and the other
> ref_rev_parse_rules expansions) as a ref pattern. But they could say
> "refs/heads/*" for all refs under refs/heads.

Heh, I just responded without having read this and came up with the same

So I agree that is the right path. Or the simplification I mentioned
that "refs/heads/master" would return that ref or possibly
"refs/heads/master/foo" if it exists. Remember that it's fine to be
overly broad here. This is purely an optimization in the advertisement,
as we'd still pick out the refs we care about in a separate step.


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