There have been at least a couple of submissions to add support for a
pre-push hook, which were rejected at least partially because they didn't
provide enough information to a hook script for it to determine what was
to be pushed any better than a separate wrapper around the 'git push'
command would be able to do.  In this series I attempt to address that

The first two patches in this series do a little bit of refactoring in
order to make it easier to call hooks with a variable number of arguments.

The third patch actually adds support for calling a pre-push hook.  If it
exists, it will be called with the name and URL of the destination remote
(if a named remote isn't being used, the URL will be supplied for both)
followed by another argument for each ref being pushed; these arguments
take the form:

  <local ref>:<local sha1>:<remote ref>:<remote sha1>

This should provide enough information for a script to easily determine
the set of commits that is being pushed, and thus make a decision if that
should be allowed.

The final patch adds a sample pre-push hook script which will deny
attempts to push commits that are marked as a work in progress.

Aaron Schrab (4):
  hooks: Add function to check if a hook exists
  hooks: support variable number of parameters
  push: Add support for pre-push hooks
  Add sample pre-push hook script

 Documentation/githooks.txt       |   28 ++++++++
 builtin/push.c                   |    1 +
 run-command.c                    |   35 ++++++---
 run-command.h                    |    3 +
 t/         |  145 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 templates/hooks--pre-push.sample |   63 +++++++++++++++++
 transport.c                      |   25 +++++++
 transport.h                      |    1 +
 8 files changed, 292 insertions(+), 9 deletions(-)
 create mode 100755 t/
 create mode 100644 templates/hooks--pre-push.sample


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