Aaron Schrab <aa...@schrab.com> writes:

> Create find_hook() function to determine if a given hook exists and is
> executable.  If it is the path to the script will be returned, otherwise
> NULL is returned.

Sounds like a sensible thing to do.  To make sure the API is also
sensible, all the existing hooks should be updated to use this API,

> This is in support for an upcoming run_hook_argv() function which will
> expect the full path to the hook script as the first element in the
> argv_array.  

There is currently a public function called run_hook() that squats
on the good name with a kludgy API that is too specific to using
separate index file.  Back when it was a private helper in the
implementation of "git commit", it was perfectly fine, but it was
exported without giving much thought on the API.

If you are introducing a new run_hook_* function, give it a generic
enough API that lets all the existing hook callers to use it.  I
would imagine that the API requirement may be modelled after
run_command() API so that we can pass argv[] and tweak the hook's
environ[], as well as feeding its stdin and possibly reading from
its stdout.  That would be very useful.
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