Jeff King wrote:

> I can't reproduce here. I can checkout v3.2.35, and I guess that the
> patch you are applying comes from f5f1654, but I don't know your
> local modification to sound/usb/midi.c.

No local modification.  The unstaged change after "git am --abort" to
recover from a conflicted git am is a longstanding bug (at least a
couple of years old).

The patch creating conflicts is


from git://

>>   $ git am --abort
>>   Unstaged changes after reset:
>>   M       sound/usb/midi.c
> What does your index look like afterwards? Does it have a null sha1 in
> it (check "ls-files -s")?

$ git diff-index --abbrev HEAD
:100644 100644 eeefbce3873c... 000000000000... M        sound/usb/midi.c
$ git ls-files --abbrev -s sound/usb/midi.c
100644 eeefbce3873c 0   sound/usb/midi.c
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