Jeff King <> writes:

> Or are you suggesting that the three-way case should always be protected
> by checking that there are no unmerged entries before we start it? That
> seems sane to me, but I haven't confirmed that that is the case.

I think the normal (and hopefully only) "-m -u O A B" use case of
threeway is the bog-standard "git merge", which requires even more:
your index must exactly match HEAD, even though you are allowed to
have local changes in the working tree.

That requirement is not likely to change, as cleanly merged paths
are automatically added to the index, so "diff --cached" should show
only the changes from cleanly merged part, while "diff" should show
paths that still needs user's help.

If we allowed local modification to the index (let alone conflicted
entries in it) before the merge begins, the users would not be able
to tell which paths are in what state after a half-merge stops and
asks for help.  Updated paths may not have anything to do with the
merge (i.e. earlier "git add" before the merge started), conflicting
paths may not have anything to do with the merge (i.e. leftover
conflicts before the merge started).
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