On 01.01.13 23:07, Junio C Hamano wrote:
> What it checks looks like a good start, but the indentation of it
> (and the log message) seems very screwed up.
> I also have to wonder what's the false positive rate of this.  When
> you are preparing a new test, you would ideally want a mode that
> checks only parts that you just added, without seeing noises from
> existing violations and false positives from the part you did not
> touch.  Otherwise, it will be too cumbersome to run for developers,
> and the check mechanism will end up used by nobody.
The script found all problems which make the testsuite (unecessary) fail on Mac 

The false positive rate is currently 0% (otherwise I should not have send it to 
the list)

The suggestion is to run it every time the test suite is run, at the begining.
And it seems to be fast enough:

$ time ./check-non-portable-shell.pl ../../git.master/t/t[0-9]*.sh
real    0m0.263s
user    0m0.239s
sys     0m0.021s


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