Eric S. Raymond wrote:
> Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com>:

>> So..., is this a flag-day patch?
>> After this is merged, users who have been interoperating with CVS
>> repositories with the older cvsps have to install the updated cvsps
>> before using a new version of Git that ships with it?
> Yes, they must install an updated cvsps. But this is hardly a loss, as
> the old version was perilously broken.

Speaking with my Debian packager hat on: the updated cvsps is not
available in Debian.  "git cvsimport" is, and it has users that report
bugs from time to time.  With this change, I would either have to take
on responsibility for maintenance of the cvsps package (not going to
happen) or drop "git cvsimport".  That's a serious regression.

The moment someone takes care of packaging the updated cvsps, I'll
stop minding, though. ;-)

I wouldn't be surprised if the situation on other OSes is similar.
This is too early to require such a dependency.

Hope that helps,
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