First of all, I am at the same time a sad, nostalgic, and very happy
that old cvsimport is getting replaced.

On Wed, Jan 2, 2013 at 11:18 AM, Eric S. Raymond <> wrote:
> Two of the three claims in this paragraph are false.  The manual page
> does not tell you what is true, which is that old cvsps will fuck up
> every branch by putting the root point at the wrong place.  And if you
> call silently and randomly damaging imports getting work done, your
> definitions of "work" and "done" are broken.

The existing cvsps/cvsimport combo work for CVS repos with simple
branches, and can track those over time.

Replacement with something more solid is welcome, but until you are
extremely confident of its handling of legacy setups... I would still
provide the old cvsimport, perhaps in contrib.


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