Derrick Stolee <> writes:

> On the Linux repository, performance tests were run for the following
> command:
>     git log --graph --oneline -1000
>     Before: 0.92s
>     After:  0.66s
>     Rel %: -28.3%
> Adding '-- kernel/' to the command requires loading the root tree
> for every commit that is walked. There was no measureable performance
> change as a result of this patch.

In the "Git Merge contributor summit notes" [1] one can read that:

> - VSTS adds bloom filters to know which paths have changed on the commit
> - tree-same check in the bloom filter is fast; speeds up file history checks
> - if the file history is _very_ sparse, then bloom filter is useful

Could this method speed up also the second case mentioned here?  Can
anyone explain how this "path-changed bloom filter" works in VSTS?

Could we add something like this to the commit-graph file?


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Jakub Narębski

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