On Sat, Mar 31, 2018 at 11:17 AM, Thomas Gummerer <t.gumme...@gmail.com> wrote:
> This round should fix all the UI issues Eric found in the last round.
> The changes I made in a bit more detail:
> - added a new commit introducing a new hidden --show-new-head-line
>   flag in 'git reset'.  This is used to suppress the "HEAD is now at
>   ..."  line that 'git reset --hard' usually prints, so we can replace
>   it with our own "New worktree HEAD is now at ..." line instead,
>   while keeping the progress indicator for larger repositories.

As with Junio, I'm fine with this hidden option (for now), however, I
think you can take this a step further. Rather than having a (hidden)
git-reset option which suppresses "HEAD is now at...", instead have a
(hidden) option which augments the message. For example,
--new-head-desc="New worktree" would make it output "New worktree HEAD
is now at...". Changes to builtin/reset.c to support this would hardly
be larger than the changes you already made.

The major benefit is that patch 3/6 no longer has to duplicate the
code from builtin/reset.c:print_new_head_line() just to print its own
"New worktree HEAD is now at..." message. (As for the argument that
"git worktree add" must duplicate that code because it wants the
message on stderr, whereas git-reset prints it to stdout, I don't see
why git-worktree puts those messages to stderr in the first place. As
far as I can tell, it would be equally valid to print them to stdout.)

> Some examples of the new UI behaviour here for reference:
>  - guess-remote mode
>     $ git worktree add --guess-remote ../next
>     Creating branch 'next'
>     Branch 'next' set up to track remote branch 'next' from 'origin'.
>     New worktree HEAD is now at caa68db14 Merge branch 
> 'sb/packfiles-in-repository' into next
>  - original dwim (create a branch based on the current HEAD)
>     $ git worktree add ../test
>     Creating branch 'test'
>     New worktree HEAD is now at c2a499e6c Merge branch 'jh/partial-clone'
>  - new dwim (check out existing branch)
>     $ git worktree add ../test
>     Checking out branch 'test'
>     New worktree HEAD is now at c2a499e6c Merge branch 'jh/partial-clone'
>  - no new branch created
>     $ git worktree add ../test2 origin/master
>     New worktree HEAD is now at c2a499e6c Merge branch 'jh/partial-clone'

I like the "creating" or "checking out" messages we now get for all
the DWIM cases. I wonder if it would make sense to print "Checkout out
blah..." for this case too. It's certainly not necessary since the
user specified <commit-ish> explicitly, but it would make the UI even
more consistent, and address your subsequent comment about missing
context above the "Checking out files: ...%" line for this case.

> Compare this to the old UI (new dwim omitted, as there's no old
> version of that):

Thanks for contrasting the new with the old. The new output is nicer
and more helpful.

> The one thing we are loosing is a context line before "Checking out
> files:", if no new branch is created.  Personally I feel like that's
> acceptable, as the user just used the 'git worktree add' command, so
> it should be intuitive where those files are being checked out.

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