On Sun, Apr 1, 2018 at 9:11 AM, Thomas Gummerer <t.gumme...@gmail.com> wrote:
> So while playing with it a bit more I found one case where the new UI
> is not ideal and a bit confusing.  Namely when the new check out dwim
> kicks in, but there is already a file/directory at the path we're
> giving to 'git worktree add'.
> In that case something like the following would be printed:
>     $ g worktree add ../next
>     Checking out branch 'next'
>     fatal: '../next' already exists
> Instead I think we'd just want the error without the "Checking out
> branch" message, which is what this fixup here does.

Doesn't the same UI "problem" exist when it creates a new branch?

    $ git worktree add ../dwim
    Creating branch 'dwim'
    fatal: '../dwim' already exists

As you mention below, we don't (yet) clean up the newly-created branch
upon failure, so we can't suppress the "Creating branch" message as
you suppress the "Checking out branch" message above (since the user
needs to know that the new branch exists).

This is making me wonder if "Checking out branch" is perhaps the wrong
terminology. What if it said something like this instead:

    $ git worktree add ../next
    Preparing worktree (branch 'next' <= 'origin/next')
    fatal: '../next' already exists

    $ git worktree add ../gobble
    Preparing worktree (new branch 'gobble')
    fatal: '../gobble' already exists

This way, we don't need the special case added by this "fixup!" patch.
(I'm not wedded to the "Preparing" message but just used it as an
example; better suggestions welcome.)

> One thing that gets a bit strange is that the "Checking out branch"
> message and the "Creating branch" messages are printed from different
> places.  But without doing quite some refactoring I don't think
> there's a good way to do that, and I think having the UI do the right
> thing is more important.

The implementation is getting rather ugly, though, especially with
these messages being printed by different bits of code like this.
worktree.c:add_worktree() was supposed to be the low-level worker; it
wasn't intended for it to take on UI duties like this "fixup!" makes
it do. UI should be handled by worktree.c:add().

Taking the above "Preparing..." idea into consideration, then it
should be possible to sidestep this implementation ugliness, I would

> One thing I also noticed is that if a branch is created by 'git
> worktree add', but we fail, we never clean up that branch again, which
> I'm not sure is ideal.  As a pre-existing problem I'd like to keep
> fixing that out of the scope of this series though (at least after
> this series the user would get some output showing that this happened,
> even when the branch is not set up to track a remote), so I'd like to
> keep fixing that out of the scope of this series.

Nice idea, but outside the scope of this series, as you mention.

> diff --git a/builtin/worktree.c b/builtin/worktree.c
> @@ -27,6 +27,7 @@ struct add_opts {
>         int keep_locked;
> +       int checkout_existing_branch;
>  };
> @@ -316,6 +317,8 @@ static int add_worktree(const char *path, const char 
> *refname,
> +       if (opts->checkout_existing_branch)
> +                 fprintf_ln(stderr, _("Checking out branch '%s'"), refname);
>         if (opts->checkout) {

I'd have expected to see the "if (opts->checkout_existing_branch)
fprintf_ln(...)" inside the following "if (opts->checkout)"
conditional, though, as noted above, I'm not entirely happy about
worktree.c:add_worktree() taking on UI duties.

>                 cp.argv = NULL;
>                 argv_array_clear(&cp.args);

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