On 3/26/2018 12:41 AM, Tatsuyuki Ishi wrote:

I'm facing issue with core.fsmonitor.

I'm currently using the provided watchman hook, but it doesn't seem to
record the fact that it has queried the fsmonitor backend, and as a
result the timestamp passed to the hook doesn't seem to change.

As it always pass a timestamp before watchman has crawled the
directories, watchman will always return all files inside the
directory. This happens everytime I run a git command, resulting in

Is the timestamp not being updated an intended behavior, or is this a bug?

As a performance optimization, the fsmonitor code doesn't flag the index as dirty and force it to be written out with every command. Can you try performing a git operation (add, rm, commit, etc) that will write out an updated index and see if that fixes the issue you're seeing?

I'm considering adding a special case to force the index to be written out the first time fsmonitor is invoked and am interested to know if this would have avoided the issue you are seeing.


Tatsuyuki Ishi

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