2018-04-10 23:34 GMT+09:00 Ben Peart <peart...@gmail.com>:
> As a performance optimization, the fsmonitor code doesn't flag the index as
> dirty and force it to be written out with every command.  Can you try
> performing a git operation (add, rm, commit, etc) that will write out an
> updated index and see if that fixes the issue you're seeing?

Yeah, that resolves the issue. Though the repo I'm working on uses
submodules, so doing this in each of them isn't a easy work.

> I'm considering adding a special case to force the index to be written out
> the first time fsmonitor is invoked and am interested to know if this would
> have avoided the issue you are seeing.

Yes please. And maybe we should also flush the index when the script
returns '/',
which means all files?

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