Christian Couder <> writes:

> Hi Sergey,
> Jake wrote the article below the above line. His article summarizes
> the discussions that happened following your email that is linked to
> in the above line. The above line is actually the title of Jake's
> second article.
> Here "the above article" means the Jake's "branch -l: print useful
> info whilst rebasing a non-local branch" article above the current
> article.
> You call it a reference but it is actually the title of the article
> that Jake wrote. Yes, it contains a link to your email, but that is
> just because we want to make it easy and straightforward for people
> who are interested in all the discussions to find them.

Yeah, I see now, it was confusion on my side. Thanks for clarification!

The rest is also fine with me, and thanks for editorial changes!

-- Sergey

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