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> That said, I read the draft and found it good except for two minor issues,

Thanks for your comments!

> 1. I see the following sentence in the "Rebasing merges: a jorney to the
> ultimate solution (Road Clear) (written by Jacob Keller)" article
>         "A few examples were tried, but it was proven that the original
>         concept did not work, as dropped commits could end up being
>         replaid into the merge commits, turning them into "evil"
>         merges."
> I'm not sure if 'replaid' is proper English assuming the past tense of
> replay was intended there (which I think is 'replayed').

I agree and changed it to "replayed".

> 2. I see a minor Markdown syntax issue in the "branch -l: print useful
> info whilst rebasing a non-local branch" article.
>         ... reworked his original patch to improve `git branch
>         --list̀
> Specifically, in the '--list̀' part. I guess it should be "--list`".

Yeah, it's fixed too.


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