Am 05.01.2013 15:01, schrieb Jens Lehmann:
> Am 04.01.2013 22:51, schrieb Junio C Hamano:
>> Manlio Perillo <> writes:
>>> $ git submodule update --init
>>> ...
>>> Submodule 'roms/vgabios' (git:// registered
>>> for path 'roms/vgabios'
>>> fatal: unable to connect to
>>>[0:]: errno=Connection timed out
>>> Unable to fetch in submodule path 'pixman'
>>> $ git submodule update --init
>>> fatal: Needed a single revision
>>> Unable to find current revision in submodule path 'pixman'
>>> The problem is easy to solve: manually remove the pixman directory;
>>> however IMHO git submodule update should not fail this way since it may
>>> confuse the user.
>> Sounds like a reasonable observation.  Jens, Heiko, comments?
> The reason seems to be that clone leaves a partial initialized .git
> directory in case of connection problems. The next time submodule
> update runs it tries to revive the submodule from .git/modules/<name>
> but fails as there are no objects in it.
> This looks like a bug in clone to me, as it takes precautions to clean
> up if something goes wrong but doesn't do that in this case. But while
> glancing over the code I didn't find out what goes wrong here.

I dug a bit deeper here and found the reason: In remove_junk() of
builtin/clone.c the junk_git_dir points to the gitfile in the
submodules work tree, not the .git/modules/<name> directory where
clone was told to put the git directory. Will see if I can come up
with a patch soonish ...
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