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Il 05/01/2013 21:17, Jens Lehmann ha scritto:
> Since b57fb80a7d (init, clone: support --separate-git-dir for .git file)
> git clone supports the --separate-git-dir option to create the git dir
> outside the work tree. But when that option is used, the git dir won't be
> deleted in case the clone fails like it would be without this option. This
> makes clone lose its atomicity as in case of a failure a partly set up git
> dir is left behind. A real world example where this leads to problems is
> when "git submodule update" fails to clone a submodule and later calls to
> "git submodule update" stumble over the partially set up git dir and try
> to revive the submodule from there, which then fails with a not very user
> friendly error message.
> Fix that by updating the junk_git_dir variable (used to remember if and
> what git dir should be removed in case of failure) to the new value given
> with the --seperate-git-dir option. Also add a test for this to t5600 (and
> while at it fix the former last test to not cd into a directory to test
> for its existence but use "test -d" instead).
> Reported-by: Manlio Perillo <manlio.peri...@gmail.com>
> Signed-off-by: Jens Lehmann <jens.lehm...@web.de>
> ---
> [...]
> And this fixes it for me. Manlio, it'd be great if you could test
> this patch (but please not only remove .git/modules/<name> but also
> the submodule work tree before doing that).

I can confirm that the patch solves the problem I reported.

Thanks   Manlio
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