On 01/07/2013 02:29 AM, Junio C Hamano wrote:

I do not have much stake in this personally, but IIRC, the (l)stat
workaround was back then found to make Cygwin version from "unusably
slow" to "slow but torelable", as our POSIX-y codebase assumes that
lstat is fairly efficient, which Cygwin cannot satisify because it
has call many win32 calls to collect bits that we do not even look
at, in order to give faithful emulation.  It does place extra
maintenance burden
The maintenance burden is the only issue here, and I just wanted to point out the origin. I never enable that run-time option, the small gain in speed cannot compensate the loss of cross-platform operations for my uses. Actually, my git usage is mostly on Linux, but it seems 99% of my maintenance time is on the cygwin side that I almost never use. Sigh.

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