Jonathan Nieder <> writes:

> Stefan Beller wrote:
>> Currently it is not possible to have a shallow depth of
>> just 0, i.e. only one commit in that repository after cloning.
>> The minimum number of commits is 2, caused by depth=1.
> Sounds buggy.  Would anything break if we were to make --depth=1 mean
> "1 deep, including the tip commit"?

As long as we do not change the meaning of the "shallow" count going
over the wire (i.e. the number we receive from the user will be
fudged, so that user's "depth 1" that used to mean "the tip and one
behind it" is expressed as "depth 2" at the end-user level, and we
send over the wire the number that corresponded to the old "depth
1"), I do not think anything will break, and then --depth=0 may
magically start meaning "only the tip; its immediate parents will
not be transferred and recorded as the shallow boundary in the
receiving repository".

I do not mind carrying such a (technially) backward incompatible
change in jn/clone-2.0-depth-off-by-one branch, keep it cooking in
'next' for a while and push it out together with other "2.0" topics
in a future release ;-).

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