Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> writes:

> Jonathan Nieder <jrnie...@gmail.com> writes:
>> Stefan Beller wrote:
>>> Currently it is not possible to have a shallow depth of
>>> just 0, i.e. only one commit in that repository after cloning.
>>> The minimum number of commits is 2, caused by depth=1.
>> Sounds buggy.  Would anything break if we were to make --depth=1 mean
>> "1 deep, including the tip commit"?
> As long as we do not change the meaning of the "shallow" count going
> over the wire (i.e. the number we receive from the user will be
> fudged, so that user's "depth 1" that used to mean "the tip and one
> behind it" is expressed as "depth 2" at the end-user level, and we
> send over the wire the number that corresponded to the old "depth
> 1"), I do not think anything will break, and then --depth=0 may
> magically start meaning "only the tip; its immediate parents will
> not be transferred and recorded as the shallow boundary in the
> receiving repository".
> I do not mind carrying such a (technially) backward incompatible
> change in jn/clone-2.0-depth-off-by-one branch, keep it cooking in
> 'next' for a while and push it out together with other "2.0" topics
> in a future release ;-).

Speaking of --depth, I think in Git 2.0 we should fix the semantics
of "deepening" done with "git fetch".

Its "--depth" parameter is used to specify the new depth of the
history that you can tangle from the updated tip of remote tracking
branches, and it has a rather unpleasant ramifications.

Suppose you start from "git clone --depth=1 $there".  You have the
today's snapshot, and one parent behind it.  You keep working happily
with the code and then realize that you want to know a bit more
history behind the snapshot you started from.



So you do:

    $ git fetch --depth=3


                 A---B                         W---X---Y---Z

But in the meantime, if the upstream accumulated 20+ commits, you
end up getting the commit at the updated tip of the upstream, and 3
generations of parents behind it.  There will be a 10+ commit worth
of gap between the bottom of the new shallow history and the old tip
you have been working on, and the history becomes disjoint.

I think we need a protocol update to fix this; instead of sending
"Now I want your tips and N commits behind it, please update my
shallow bottom accordingly", which creates the above by giving you Z
and 3 generations back and updates your cut-off point to W, the
receiving end should be able to ask "I have a shallow history that
cuts off at these commits. I want to get the history leading up to
your tips, and also deepen the history further back from my current
cut-off points by N commits", so that you would instead end up with
something like this:


That is, truly "deepen my history by 3".  We could call that "git
fetch --deepen=3" or something.
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