Jeff King <> writes:

> When git executes an alias that specifies an external
> command, it will complain if the alias dies due to a signal.
> This is usually a good thing, as signal deaths are
> unexpected. However, SIGPIPE is not unexpected for many
> commands which produce a lot of output; it is intended that
> the user closing the pager would kill them them via SIGPIPE.
> As a result, the user might see annoying messages in a
> scenario like this:
>   $ cat ~/.gitconfig
>   [alias]
>   lgbase = log --some-options
>   lg = !git lgbase --more-options
>   lg2 = !git lgbase --other-options
>   $ git lg -p
>   [user hits 'q' to exit pager]
>   error: git lgbase --more-options died of signal 13
>   fatal: While expanding alias 'lg': 'git lgbase --more-options': Success
> Many users won't see this, because we execute the external
> command with the shell, and a POSIX shell will silently
> rewrite the signal-death exit code into 128+signal, and we
> will treat it like a normal exit code. However, this does
> not always happen:

So... with the "flip the sign of the exit code when caught a signal"
patch applied to 'next', do people still see this issue?

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