Johannes Sixt <> writes:

> The interesting cases are when git reads back the output of the command.
> Here, a SIGPIPE death of the child would indicate a bug in git, I think,
> and some diagnostic would be worth it. But we can just as well declare
> that git doesn't have bugs ;)
> These are the interesting cases:
> connect.c:640:          conn->use_shell = 1;
>     a connection to a local repository
> convert.c:372:  child_process.use_shell = 1;
>     clean/smudge filter
> credential.c:216:       helper.use_shell = 1;
>     credential helper
> diff.c:4851:    child.use_shell = 1;
>     textconv
> All in all, I think the heuristics makes sense.

Fair enough.  Thanks for grepping.

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