Since Heiko Voigt and others were concerned about this, I report that 
I have successfully salvaged the parsecvs code. I now have it emitting
a correct-looking fast-import stream for my main test repository.

I'm not ready to ship it yet because there are several features I
think it ought to have before I do.  An -R option like cvsps's;
correct interpretation of a third timezone field as in cvsps; and,
most significantly, I want to make sure it emits warnings for important
error and problem conditions like unresolvable tags and absence of

But these are all relatively minor issues. It is likely I will be able
to ship early next week, at which point I will add support for
parsecvs as a third engine in new cvsimport.  

This next step in the larger program will be factoring out the cvsps
test suite and applying it to all three of cvsps, cvs2git, and
parsecvs so I can compare results.
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