Very cool! I'm glad you got it doing what you wanted; I'll be
interested to see how parsecvs compares in quality and performance to
cvs2git and cvsps. --Bart

On Fri, Jan 11, 2013 at 3:21 AM, Eric S. Raymond <> wrote:
> Since Heiko Voigt and others were concerned about this, I report that
> I have successfully salvaged the parsecvs code. I now have it emitting
> a correct-looking fast-import stream for my main test repository.
> I'm not ready to ship it yet because there are several features I
> think it ought to have before I do.  An -R option like cvsps's;
> correct interpretation of a third timezone field as in cvsps; and,
> most significantly, I want to make sure it emits warnings for important
> error and problem conditions like unresolvable tags and absence of
> commitids.
> But these are all relatively minor issues. It is likely I will be able
> to ship early next week, at which point I will add support for
> parsecvs as a third engine in new cvsimport.
> This next step in the larger program will be factoring out the cvsps
> test suite and applying it to all three of cvsps, cvs2git, and
> parsecvs so I can compare results.
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