Johannes Schindelin <> writes:

> To summarize, there are two commits recorded for that Message-Id, the
> later one not mapped back, and neither is the correct commit that made it
> into `master`.
> It would be nice to figure out what went wrong there, and how to fix it
> for the future (and also to fix up the existing mis-mappings in `amlog`).

I think what happened is that I used to have post-rewrite, but
because it did not solve the real issue of multiple commits existing
for the same message ID (either because of amending, or because of
running "am" multiple times while looking for the best base to
contruct a topic branch for the series that contains it) *and* the
one that will eventually used in the final history may not be the
last one (e.g. I may "am" twice to see if an older base I use in my
second attempt is a better one than the base I originally used, and
the patches may even apply cleanly to the older history, but may
turn out to need semantic adjustment, at which point I would discard
that second attempt and use the old commit from the first attempt
that built on a newer base), I stopped using it.

The mid-to-commit, for it to be relialble, needs to keep mapping for
all the commits created from a single message, instead of being the
last-one-survives mapping.  I just didn't have that much interest
back when I decided it was not worth and dropped the post-rewrite, I

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