Chris Rorvick <> writes:

[jc: please elide parts you are not responding to, leaving enough
lines to understand the context]

>> +    def command(self):
>> +        "Emit the command implied by all previous options."
>> +        return self.cvsps + "--fast-export " + self.opts
> "--fast-export" string is missing a leading space.  With this fix and
> the latest cvsps build I'm seeing 6 of 15 failures for t9650 which is
> what I was getting out of the patched t9600.

Thanks; I'll amend it and push the result out, but I think we will
need to rip this part out and form the command string in a saner way
(e.g. if the path needs to have SP in it, e.g. "/Program Files/cvsps3",
the above would not work correctly anyway).
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