Am 1/15/2013 1:11, schrieb Junio C Hamano:
> I'd say a simplistic "ignore if zero is stored" or even "ignore this
> as one of the systems that shares this file writes crap in it" may
> be sufficient, and if this is a jGit specific issue, it might even
> make sense to introduce a single configuration variable with string
> "jgit" somewhere in its name and bypass the stat field comparison
> for known-problematic fields, instead of having the user know and
> list what stat fields need special attention.

It was my suggestion to have a list of names to ignore because the answer
to this question

> Is this "the user edits in eclipse and then runs 'git status' from the
> terminal" problem?

was "It is purely for performance in some situations" back then. But
today, the answer is "Yes". With this new background, your suggestion to
have just a single option that contains the token "jgit" may make more
sense. (core.ignoreCygwinFSTricks may serve as a precedent.) The original
patch was along this way, and the name contained "minimal", which I
objected to.

-- Hannes
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