Robin Rosenberg <> writes:

> ----- Ursprungligt meddelande -----
>> That configurability is a slipperly slope to drag us into giving
>> users
>> more complexity that does not help them very much, I suspect.
>> Earlier somebody mentioned "size and mtime is often enough", so I
>> think a single option core.looseStatInfo (substitute "loose" with
>> short, minimum or whatever adjective that is more appropriate---I am
>> not good at picking phrases, it sounds to me a way to more loosely
>> define stat info cleanliness than we usually do) that makes us
>> ignore all fields (regardless of their zero-ness) other than those
>> two fields might not be a bad way to go.
> Would something like this be good?
> core.statinfo = 
> default = all fields
> minimal = whole seconds of mtime and size
> medium = seconds, nanos of mtime and size
> nonzero = all non-zero fields
> -- robin

If you mean to exclude ctime and other fields we already exclude as
useless from your "all", that may make sense, but do we really need
that much "flexibility", or do "more choices" just confuse users? I
have this suspicion that it may be the latter.

Wouldn't a single boolean that lets users choose between your
"minimal" and "default" be sufficient?
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