Hi David, now we are going to have some confusion here, two David Langs on the list :-)

On Wed, 16 Jan 2013, Lang, David wrote:

We're just in the process of investigating a versioning tool and are very interesting in git. We have one question we're hoping someone can answer. In regards to the repositories, I think I understand correctly that each developer will have a local repository that they will work from, and that there will also be a remote repository (origin) that will hold the original version of the project.

It appears from the limited reading I've done that the remote repository must be hosted at github.com. Is this the case? Ideally we'd prefer to simply create our remote repository on a drive of one of our local network servers. Is this possible?

Git is peer-to-peer, the 'origin' is just the default to pull from. It can be hosted on any machine that you have access to.

A typical case is that you designate one person (or a small group of people) to oversee your master repository, and that person decides when and what to pull there from the developers.

This gives you a chance to insert code review, tests, etc between what the developers produce in their local repository and what you then bless as the authoritative 'released' version of the code.

However, this master repository is just a matter of convention, it is possible to use any repository as the 'origin', changing it is just a config change away.

David Lang
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