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But if you try to have one filesystem, with multiple people running git on their
machines against that shared filesystem, I would expect you to have all sorts of

What leads you to think you will have problems?

Why would there be more of a problem on a network file system as opposed to local file system that can be accessed by multiple users?

There are safety checks and synchronization primitives that work between mulitiple users on one machine (where you can see what other processes are running for example) that don't work with separate machines using a filesystem

Linus seemed to think it should work:


well, he knows git better than I do, but using git over NFS/CIFS is not the same as saying that you have multiple users on different systems making changes.

In the link you point at, he says that you can have problems with some types of actions. He points out things like git prune, but I would also say that there are probably race conditions if you have two git processes that try to change the HEAD to different things at the same time.

And "git init" specifically has a "shared" option:


Specify that the git repository is to be shared amongst several users. This allows users belonging to the same group to push into that repository. When specified, the config variable "core.sharedRepository" is set so that files and directories under $GIT_DIR are created with the requested permissions. When not specified, git will use permissions reported by umask(2).

I think this is dealing with multiple users _reading_ a repository, not making updates to it at the same time.

David Lang
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