> What about GITweb?
You are right; I missed that because I grepped only for 'GIT' as a whole word.
'gitweb' and 'GITweb' should be changed to 'Gitweb'.

> IMO some of these look nicer when everything is lowercase.
> e.g. "standard git committer ident format".
IMHO what seems nicer here is the spelling we are all accustomed to.
The whole point of my patch is to use 'Git' consistently when 
we are talking about the system and not the individual command.

> $ git grep 'git repositor' | wc -l
> 226
> These changes touch, for example, git-clone.txt to make it
> say: "Make a 'bare' Git repository".  Why not lowercase?
When you also apply my second patch you only get 17 occurences of "git 
which I missed to change to 'Git repository' ...

Thanks for looking into this!

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