Hi Thomas,

Thomas Ackermann wrote:

> Git changed its 'official' system name from 'GIT' to 'Git' in v1.6.5.3
> (as can be seen in the corresponding release note where 'GIT' was 
> changed to 'Git' in the header line).
> Alas the documention uses 'GIT', 'Git' or even 'git' to refer to the
> Git system. So change every occurrence of 'GIT" and 'git' to 'Git'
> whenever Git as a system is referred to (but don't do this change
> in the release notes because they constitute a history orthogonal
> to the history versioned by Git).

I don't have any opinion about the subject at hand, except that making
a consistent convention and documenting it somewhere to avoid future
churn sounds like a fine idea.

Instead, I'm writing for a procedural nitpick ;-): please move the
above rationale to one of the commit messages, so it gets recorded
somewhere that future readers can easily find it.

Hope that helps,
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