Hi Ping,

Ping Yin wrote:

> Following setup works for me  in ubuntu (10.04,11.04) for a long time
> alias gtlg='git log'
> complete -o default -o nospace -F _git_log gtlg
> However, in debian (testing, wheezy), it doesn't work
> $ gtlg or<TAB>
> gtlg or-bash: [: 1: unary operator expected
> -bash: [: 1: unary operator expected

Yes, I can reproduce this.  "git bisect" tells me it was introduced
by v1.7.6-rc0~65^2~4 (completion: remove unnecessary
_get_comp_words_by_ref() invocations, 2011-04-28).  Since then, Felipe
has done work to make reusing subcommand completion easy again, so you
can do

        __git_complete gtlg _git_log

One complication: on some systems, including Ubuntu 13.04, git's bash
completion script is installed to


and sourced on the fly when completing commands starting with "git"
instead of right away from /etc/bash_completion.  On these systems,
the "__git_complete" function would not be usable right away from
your .bashrc file.  I think we should fix this, for example by moving
the function to a separate

        $(git --exec-path)/git-bashrc-functions


Thanks for reporting,
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