Barry Wardell <> writes:

> These patches fix a bug which prevented git-svn from working with repositories
> which use gitdir links.
> Changes since v2:
>  - Rebased onto latest master.
>  - Added test case which verifies that the problem has been fixed.
>  - Fixed problems with git svn (init|clone|multi-init).
>  - All git-svn test cases now pass (except two in t9101 which also failed
>    before these patches).
> Barry Wardell (2):
>   git-svn: Add test for git-svn repositories with a gitdir link
>   git-svn: Simplify calculation of GIT_DIR

Thanks for your persistence ;-) As this is a pretty old topic, I'll
give two URLs for people who are interested to view the previous

You would want to mark it as test_expect_failure in the first patch
and then flip it to text_expect_success in the second patch where
you fix the breakage?  Otherwise, after applying the first patch,
the testsuite will break needlessly.

I've Cc'ed Eric Wong (git-svn maintainer) and CMN who helped in the
previous round.  If the only issue is the above success/failure one,
I think Eric can tweak the patches while applying them (I didn't
look at the changes carefully myself, by the way).

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