Junio C Hamano wrote:
Barry Wardell <barry.ward...@gmail.com> writes:

These patches fix a bug which prevented git-svn from working with
repositories which use gitdir links.

Changes since v2:
 - Rebased onto latest master.
 - Added test case which verifies that the problem has been fixed.
 - Fixed problems with git svn (init|clone|multi-init).
 - All git-svn test cases now pass (except two in t9101 which also
   failed before these patches).

Barry Wardell (2):
  git-svn: Add test for git-svn repositories with a gitdir link
  git-svn: Simplify calculation of GIT_DIR

Thanks for your persistence ;-) As this is a pretty old topic, I'll
give two URLs for people who are interested to view the previous


You would want to mark it as test_expect_failure in the first patch
and then flip it to text_expect_success in the second patch where
you fix the breakage?  Otherwise, after applying the first patch,
the testsuite will break needlessly.

I'd just apply them the other way round, 1st fix the problem, 2nd add a test for it

Bye, Jojo

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