As far as I am concerned, I am pretty much done with this topic, at
least for now.  Of course if there are bugreports I'll try to help
resolving them, but I do not expect myself adding new object-type
based policy decision to this codepath.

The call the updated call makes to ref_newer() no longer feeds
certain combinations to the function, because the NULL-ness of the
old and commit-ness of both are checked before making a call.

I notice that builtin/remote.c has another callsite for ref_newer().
Although I didn't look at the code, I think it is trying to see if
the branch can be pushed as a fast-forward to the remote (or the
remote tip moved since you started building on top of it).

It probably makes sense to refactor the logic that is run per-ref in
the loop in the set_ref_status_for_push() function into a new helper
function, inline ref_newer() there, and have the remaining callers
of ref_newer() to use that new helper function, which knows the new
rules such as "refs/tags/ cannot be replaced with anything without

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