James Nylen <jny...@gmail.com> writes:

> Wow, I missed a bunch of emails on this.  Thanks for applying and for
> writing tests!

Sorry it took so long.

> This is as intended.  You wouldn't want subtree to modify commits that
> occurred in the full repository for project A.  Furthermore, you
> wouldn't have a "subproj:" commit in project A's standalone repo since
> it wasn't a subproject at that time.

Yes, that makes sense.

> The --annotate option confused me because it was the reverse of what I
> wanted.  As in your example, a typical use would be 'add a file to
> subdir with message "subproj: add F3" ' to make it clear that you were
> committing to the "subproj" part of a larger repository.  Then, when
> splitting back out to subproj's main repository, you'd want to remove
> the prefix.

Ok.  I'll re-submit as part of the final sequence.

Thanks for the patch!

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