> I think it misses "GIT - the stupid content tracker" in README, but
> probably it is OK (it is not an end-user facing documentation).
I only checked ./Documentation; but this should be changed also.

> I noticed that these two places still use poor-man's small caps
> after this patch.

>  * Documentation/SubmittingPatches:
>  that are being emailed around. Although core GIT is a lot
I will change this.
>  * Documentation/git-credential.txt:
This is to be debated because here all caps is used as "poor man's bold face"
and it would look odd if we write 'TYPICAL USE OF Git CREDENTIAL'?
> Not commenting on other 5 patches in the series yet, but if they
> interact with other topics in flight, they may have to be separated
> out. We'll see.
Perhaps it would be best to separate this into 2 series:
[1/6]+[6/6] and [2/6]-[5/6]?

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