Brandon Casey wrote:
> On Mon, Jan 21, 2013 at 11:54 PM, Jonathan Nieder <> wrote:

>>> -             if ((buf[k] == ' ' || buf[k] == '\t') && !first)
>>> -                     continue;
>> This is always the first line examined, so this "continue" never
>> triggers.
> This is just totally broken and always has been.  The index variable
> should be 'i' not 'k'.

Yes, now I see.

This test trips when the *next* line starts with ' ' or '\t'.

        commit, cherry-pick -s: remove broken support for multiline rfc2822 

        Starting with c1e01b0c (commit: More generous accepting of RFC-2822
        footer lines, 2009-10-28), "git commit -s" carefully parses the last
        paragraph of each commit message to check if it consists only of
        RFC2822-style headers, in which case the signoff will be added as a
        new line in the same list:

                Reported-by: Reporter <>
                Signed-off-by: Author <>
                Acked-by: Lieutenant <>

        It even included support for accepting indented continuation lines for
        multiline fields.  Unfortunately the multiline field support is broken
        because it checks whether buf[k] (the first character of the *next*
        line) instead of buf[i] is a whitespace character.  So for example, it
        confuses the following for a well-formed RFC2822 footer:

                Reported-by: Reporter <>
                LINE NOISE

        A typical well-formed footer with multiline fields is not accepted:

                Reported-by: Re Porter
                Signed-off-by: Author <>

        That this has remained broken for so long is a good sign that nobody
        actually needed continuation lines.  Rip out the broken continuation
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