Jonathan Nieder wrote:

>       line) instead of buf[i] is a whitespace character.  So for example, it
>       confuses the following for a well-formed RFC2822 footer:

Luckily it doesn't, since the final continuation line is not followed
by whitespace.  I should have said:

        "... is a whitespace character.  The result is that any
        footer with a continuation line is not accepted, since the last
        continuation line neither starts with an RFC2822 field name nor is
        followed by a continuation line.

        That this has remained broken for so long is good evidence that nobody
        actually needed multiline fields.  Rip out the broken continuation

        No functional change intended."

I have no excuse, since you explained this all out loud to me a couple of
months ago. :)  Sorry for the nonsense.

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